British Cheese Week with Harvey & Brockless

British Cheese Week kicks off on June 1st. The Full Range have teamed up with Harvey & Brockless, a producer and distributor of speciality foods, working with artisan producers across the UK, to shine a spotlight on some of the incredible cheeses Britain has to offer. 



This voluptuous semi-soft cheese from rock-star-turned-cheese- buff Alex James lives up to its divine name. Much of that is thanks for the use of rich, creamy Guernsey milk, but White Lake (who make the cheese for James) also wash it in Somerset Cider Brandy to add another dimension. Creamy and indulgent with a bit of spice.

Tasting Notes

At 4-5 weeks it is very creamy with citrus notes. During maturation the flavour becomes even more buttery and indulgent - perfect at 8-10 weeks. Smooth texture, with a yellow creamy paste.


Amazing baked in the oven and served with griddled asparagus spears for dipping. Matches well with fizz.


Made from whole cow’s milk, this sweet and nutty cheese is similar in style to an Emmental and has a semi-hard wax rind. Made by Arthur Alsop and Nic Walker of Alsop and Walker in the heart of East Sussex, it has evenly spread small holes or ‘eyes’ throughout. Typically matured for between five to seven months, the intensity of the cheese varies depending on its age.
A fantastic British answer to the Alpine classics, this cheese is perfect for melting.

Tasting Notes

Creamy and sweet with a nutty flavour.


Try it melted on a burger or in a fondue. Washes down well with Mondo’s Dennis Hopper IPA.

Baron Bigod

Using an authentic French recipe, Baron Bigod is the UK’s only traditional raw milk Brie-de-Meaux style cheese. Produced with raw milk from Fen Farm’s herd of Montbeliarde cows and aged for up to eight weeks, the result is an exceptional cheese and a welcomed addition to the UK Artisan cheese family. Baron Bigod is recognised for its complex, earthy, mushroomy flavours, and its unique characteristics are influenced by the rich variety of grasses and herbs that grow on the grazing land surrounding Fen Farm.

Tasting Notes

Matured to perfection for a minimum of six weeks Chalky white colour. Silky paste and long complex flavours of farmyard, mushroom and warm earth.


Splendid with a great pink champagne and a hunk of baguette!


Sprinkled with a layer of ash, which makes a telling contribution to the final flavour and texture, this goats’ log has hidden depths thanks to the use of wonderfully rich and complex raw milk. The paste is denser and creamier than its sister cheese Blanche with a buttery flavour that is cut through with lemony notes and hints of freshly cut grass. It unfolds into a long savoury finish. The dark grey rind contrasts against the brilliant white paste making Clara a star of the cheeseboard, but it is also easy to slice into portions for salads or for melting.

Tasting Notes

Lemony and grassy, but with savoury depths


You can’t go wrong with a zesty, bone dry white wine, but we fell head over heels for the soft red fruits of a Tuscan rosé.

Isle of Mull Traditional Farmhouse

As invigorating as a walk along a windswept beach, Isle of Mull cheddar has a tangy flavour that is all its own. The cheese is matured for up to 18 months in underground cellars on the farm, which is powered by electricity produced from wind and water. The cheese is made using raw milk from their own herd (the only on the island), which are fed on spent grain husks, called ‘draff’, from the nearby Tobermory whisky distillery.

Tasting Notes

The unique diet of their herd of cows contributes to the distinctive flavour: rich, savoury and salty with an earthy edge that echoes the island’s peat soil. Rich, savoury, and mellow flavour.


Washes down well with Tobermory’s Ledaig single malt whisky.

Perl Las Blue Mini

Perl Las means ‘blue pearl’ in Welsh – a fitting name for a blue cheese that almost sparkles on the tongue. There’s a rich creaminess on first taste, followed by a short burst of saltiness before the delicate blue tang kicks in. A fudgy texture, which helps the cheese melt on the tongue, adds to the experience.

Tasting Notes

Matured to perfection for 28 days
A fudgy texture with a rich creaminess


Try it on toast, drizzled with a little honey, or melted on a steak.

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