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In addition to our renowned purchasing and procurement servicesThe Full Range offers a wide spectrum of culinary services for the hospitality sector.  Provided by George (AS) McIvor, Director of The Full Range and Chairman and Fellow of The Master Chefs of Great Britain, we can work with you to maximise your margins and increase the operational efficiency of your kitchen.

George provides a professional, original and creative approach to culinary consultancy, using his wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure your business is a success. The Full Range has a proven track record in developing innovative ideas and delivering results-driven solutions to the hospitality and food manufacturing industry.

From menu development, to kitchen design, to staff training and motivation, The Full Range can provide a bespoke package of services tailored to your culinary requirements. This ensures your needs are met and return on investment is maximised.

5 star experience

  • Maximise your margins
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Services tailored to your culinary requirements
The Full Range continue to help manage our suppliers and have formed a strong partnership with directors, managers and chefs within our team
— Richard Drummond, Director, J&R Group


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