Palmer Arms: A Testimonial

Following on from our last blog post which focused on long-standing customer, Harewood Downs Golf Club, we turn our attention to another loyal customer of ours. We spoke with Chrys Fisher, owner of the Palmer Arms in Dorney and one of the finest publicans we work with to ask why he approached The Full Range nearly 10 years ago and why he continues to use The Full Range to source the lowest food prices possible.

Where do I start...

Although before the Palmer Arms I had been in hospitality for 17 years The Palmer Arms was the first pub restaurant business I had owned. It had been closed for around 7 months before we took it on in January 2009. This was a daunting project for myself and my wife, especially as my wife had only given birth to our 4th child only 6 weeks before, plus we had sold our house in order to buy the lease and refurbish the pub, which was in a really poor state.

I do remember thinking quite frequently “what the hell have I done!!” Needless to say money and time were really tight and for me time is a precious resource... This is where The Full Range came in. This was the time the market had crashed and opening accounts with suppliers was proving extremely difficult, let alone getting reasonable prices, especially as I was a stand alone business....I needed help!!

I met The Full Range one afternoon in February 2009. They explained that they were a buying consortium and dealt with many suppliers and would get all the accounts open that I needed as well as getting me the most competitive prices. I have to say I was a little sceptical at the time as I had found it pretty difficult to get any responses from the suppliers. However, they said all this so confidently and it was a free service, I felt I had nothing to lose....

And I am so glad I did, as The Full Range more than delivered! They supported me in filling all the application forms and fought for credit terms and bargained for me to get some amazing prices.

I am really not sure what I would have done in the beginning with out them. The work that they did helped me save the money I needed in order to survive and then thrive in a very competitive market. It really helps to have The Full Range on my side as I will always get the heads up on price rises or changes of products, which means I can just concentrate on looking after my customers.

In my opinion The Full Range always go that extra mile to fight my corner and they are always there when I need them and for that I am extremely grateful. Thank you!
— Chrys Fisher, Owner

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