Speciality Supplier Brexit Update - Harvey & Brockless

With a ‘no deal’ Brexit now a real possibility following the PM’s recent statements, we wanted to update you on our Brexit Plan (previously sent to you in October 2018) and how we have been taking steps over the past ten months to minimise the impact of a potential ‘no deal’ Brexit on our services to you – our valued customers.

The good news is that - we have taken significant steps in supporting our UK producers to launch new products and we continue to do this in the knowledge and belief that it is an investment in brighter futures for small businesses and the wider economy in the UK.

We have more cheese, dairy and cured meats made right here in the UK than ever before. More than 60% of our range is now produced here.

This doesn’t just help us to ‘weather the storm’ with Brexit - it also enables us to support dedicated British producers, and additionally focus on sustainability, provenance and ethical sourcing, encouraging growth and development of a burgeoning industry right here on our own doorstep, whilst also reducing our carbon footprint as a business -a critical element of every business strategy.