Our 4 Top Tips For Creating Your Restaurant Menu

Whether you're a newbie in the restaurant world or are just looking to spice things up, a strategy is essential when developing the menu for your brand.

Discover our four top tips for ensuring that your restaurant's brand positioning is aligned with your menu.

Develop your menu's 'hook'

Your menu says a lot about your restaurant and can be the key to building a distinctive brand. Start by identifying what you want to be known for, and the personality you want your restaurant to reflect.

For example, do you want to be known for serving the biggest burgers, finest falafels or greatest gluten-free range?

These hooks will reflect your restaurant's personality, from which you'll then be able to lay the groundwork to introduce your flavour.

Select your key ingredients

Determining your hook will give you direction on which ingredients your menu will need to feature to have the wow factor.

A range of exotic and daring dishes is all well and good, but the cost and waste efficiency is an essential component when selecting your key ingredients. Take into consideration your surroundings and what can be sourced locally, seasonal produce and nearby providers of your sought-after ingredients.

Understanding your supply chain and costs

Once you've gathered your desired ingredients, familiarise yourself with the suppliers that you will need to connect with.

You will need to build relationships with these suppliers, understand their delivery process, storage facilities and ethical values, and make sure these fit with your brand. Evaluate your costs of produce, delivery, waste, and transfer this into a business plan to ensure a realistic profit.

Not sure where to start here? This is the part where we can help!

Try it out

Now for the best bit! Make sure you have a practice run of the new menu. Invite more honest opinions to the tasting session for an understanding of any improvements or adjustments needed.