How do you become a Full Range supplier?

Over the past decade, The Full Range has developed a strong, intricate network of local and national suppliers across both food and non-food.

Our relationship with this network of suppliers gives us buying power, the likes of which is not available to outlets who deal directly with these suppliers. The Full Range takes responsibility for this relationship, providing our customers with peace of mind and a consistent chain of supply when they need it most. But who are these suppliers and how do they come to work with us?

Unlike other food purchasing and procurement companies, The Full Range focuses on price but, most importantly, quality and service. What’s the use in saving money if you are compromising on the standard of the food you serve and the service you receive? Why not have the best of both worlds? This is what we have set out to achieve for every single one of our customers since day one.

Our drive to offer the highest quality product at the lowest possible price has meant that we choose the suppliers we work with very carefully. Too often, purchasing managers across the country are let down by a supplier who doesn’t fulfill an order, delivers the order late or doesn’t understand the needs and requirements of the team in the kitchen. This is not good enough and your business cannot afford these costly mistakes. Choosing a supplier based purely on price can be to your detriment, as demonstrated recently by KFC when switching from an established foodservice supplier to a logistics company to generate a cost benefit. To avoid this, we fully vet every single supplier before they come on board with us. This way, we can be sure they are able to deliver the high-level of service we provide for our customers day in, day out.

In terms of our supplier selection process, this can be broken down into four key steps

  1. Initial research on supplier to ensure they have a reputation for quality and service
  2. A detailed audit being carried out by our own team who review HACCP, traceability and product recall, amongst other things
  3. Supplier site visit at full range Director level to ensure high quality of product and processes.
  4. Receipt of price list and commercial negotiation

Within The Full Range team, we have the experience to understand the importance for chefs of using local suppliers to source high-quality produce for their dishes. None more so than our own founder, George McIvor, and Brand Ambassador and Master Chef, Andrew Bennett. In fact, one of the main motivations for Andrew to join our team was this exact selection process, which he highlighted in a previous interview.

The Full Range is a simple business plan which is based on quality and excellent service levels, and if these main criteria are not reached, you can simply walk away with no recriminations, commissions or penalties, and this to me sounds a fair and controllable option that makes sense to explore.
— Andrew Bennett

Our extensive network means that you are able to source your artisan cheeses from a hyper-local, specialist supplier while purchasing your blue roll from your larger-scale, national supplier. With this diverse supplier network, our customers can sleep easy knowing we have all bases covered.

We are proud to work with each and every one of our suppliers and we are delighted to be able to supply customers across the hospitality sector with their fantastic products. If you are a supplier and you are interested in joining our growing network, please do not hesitate to contact us.