Recipe Management uses foodbook online product data to allow recipes to be planned and costs calculated. 

Recipes and menus can be created from the priced catalogue and cost prices update automatically as and when the catalogue price changes. This saves the need for manual updates and ensures your recipes are accurately costed every time. In addition to this, recipe cards can be created with methods and pictures to ensure that your kitchen follows the same process every time, thus achieving a consistent result every time.

Selling prices can be added to recipes and menus so gross margins can be calculated and tracked giving you that additional level of insight that allows you to maximise profit. Both rolling and one-off menus can be created whilst the ordering of goods can be easily completed from these menus.

With customers becoming more conscious of what is in the food they are eating, our nutritional calculator and allergen information allows you to be transparent with your dishes and have all the information you need at your finger tips.

Planned & Calculated Recipes

  • Automatic cost price updates
  • Create recipe cards
  • Calculate gross margins
They allowed us to analyse our purchases, look at new potential suppliers and dramatically lowered our costs.
— Stuart Littlejohn, Head Chef, Oxford & Cambridge Club (London)

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