Error detection for peace of mind

The Full Range’s system gives you the peace of mind that you are not paying a penny more than you should be. Line by line invoice checking allows us to identify errors and raise credit requests to suppliers meaning you cannot be overcharged.

Once an error has been detected, there is an automatic credit for damaged or missing items. This is a reflection of The Full Range’s commitment to getting the very best price for our customers, even when the market is volatile and this price is fluctuating.

Total control & visibility

Our system gives you, the customer, the power and control over your spending. A detailed spend analysis is available via the Metrics reporting dashboard, driven by data from foodbook and your invoices. This gives you an overview of your procurement, finance and supplier performance in real-time and allows you to make quick, informed decisions based on actual data.

As part of our commitment to getting the best price for our customers, The Full Range believe transparency and accountability are of vital importance in forging long-term relationships with our client-base. Our platform gives you the power and our team are there to help you make the right decision for your business.

Stock & finance functionality

Our platform allows stock take sheets to be created from our priced catalogue, based on goods received. This means that goods can be valued and organised at either a detailed or top-level and by nominal code.

Stock usage reports provide a useful operational tool for our customers who wish to monitor all aspects of their procurement and operations. Combined with the other aspects of our Management platform, this offers visibility, control and most importantly, peace of mind that your business is getting the best deal from our suppliers.

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